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They had always been so incredibly close for as long as they could remember. My amazing, vivacious wife did a little dance at the stove, clearly happy, and tossed bits of cooked egg to both animals. " I stretched as I lazily meandered into the kitchen, making my presence known. " Alexa snagged an omelette from the toaster, set it on a plate and handed it to me. Looks like I won't have to stop by Perky's after all this morning." I wrapped an arm around Alexa's waist from behind. My wife was 13 weeks postpartum now after giving birth to Cooper back in January, and finally out of the danger zone as it pertained to the complications she had faced during labor and delivery. The 22-year-old even grabbed my backside and pulled me into her with excess force. I haven't even spoiled you yet." I moved my lips to Alexa's mouth for a hot, possessive kiss. Merissa was mostly healed now from her injuries, thank God. I had always thought of her as a very attractive young brunette. "If you and Jeremy continue to make out like that at such random times and locations, you're eventually going to burn holes through each other." Merissa chuckled gently as she prepared her own breakfast plate and then walked over to the nearby table. How many times have I interrupted you two over the past couple of months? Besides, he was the first, and will most definitely be the last." No, I said inwardly. How about you give me some warning next time before the nightly headboard banging begins? There was a dreamy, almost blissful gleam in those blue eyes, one that left me feeling more than a bit curious.Alexa's first ever memory, in fact, was playing with Merissa in her back yard as toddlers. All those emotions running together and fighting to be heard did not come close to the sheer pain that consumed Alexa's heart at this moment in time. We have plenty of room in our home until you can get back on your feet! " As Merissa stared at her in bewilderment, Alexa turned and locked eyes with me. I leaned over Alexa's shoulder, freshly shaved and just out of a hot shower, ready for another day at the office. I then kissed the back of her neck and slid my hand upward, momentarily squeezing and groping her breasts through the satin camisole top she had on. Our sex life was finally getting back to normal, and I could not have been any happier because of it. Damn if she didn't have the same, exact thoughts that I did! "Jesus, I've been acting like a total nymphomaniac around you these past couple of weeks." I set the breakfast plate down on the counter and guided Alexa away from the hot stove. " My eyes narrowed, and I lowered my mouth to her breasts. "God, that feels good," Alexa moaned, grabbing the back of my neck. Suck them harder." I slid my hands underneath her camisole top and cupped both of her heavenly breasts through their satin bra. She had her splint removed a month ago, and the final plates taken out of her jaw last week. You're all over each other constantly, like hot cakes." "Oh, we're used to it," Alexa beamed. Alexa handed Merissa a cup of coffee and sat down across from her to eat. The fluke was that a beautiful girl like Alexa was even interested in me at all in the first place. Alexa watched Merissa leave the house with a long, powerful yearning in her gaze, even, almost as if she was already counting down the seconds until she would see her again.

Alexa was absolutely furious at Grayson, frustrated for Merissa and her many, serious injuries, and on the verge of a mental breakdown because she could not stand the idea of her best friend being forced to move elsewhere. Alexa had gotten out of bed as per her routine, at am sharp with Izzy, who had claimed the foot of the bed as his own last night. Alexa loved the tiny morkshire terrier, as she did our other dog (Teddy), a teacup maltese. This is usually not on the itinerary until the weekend. "What you and I did together last night will ALWAYS be on my itinerary." My body shivered at the wonderful memory as Alexa and I again made love in our bedroom last evening. aww, hell." Alexa's resolve suddenly caved in, and she kissed me madly, hungrily. We both straightened up and made ourselves appear decent for our good friend and house-mate, who had been inhabiting the guest bedroom downstairs for the past two months. "Thank you." Merissa did look quite nice, I must admit, wearing a coral minidress with a halter top. The outfit, particularly its bouncy skirt, really highlighted her legs. Alexa, in fact, COULD NOT take her eyes off of Merissa.Alexa wanted to spend all of our free time with Merissa, helping her and giving her whatever moral support we could as she went through the recovery process in the hospital.