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In 1745, at Fontenoy in the Austrian Netherlands, a French army under the redoubtable Marshal de Saxe, clashed with a Anglo-Dutch-Hanoverian force.The battle was an extremely bloody one, with eventually the French left holding the field against a massed infantry assault by the British and their allies.If he could beat the French, control over the Indian Ocean would pass to the Royal Navy, and the French would have to withdraw.Pondicherry would almost certainly fall, and the French would no longer have a base in India.Despite this, Maria Theresa succeeded to most of her father's possessions, and there was an understanding among many German princes that her husband could be elected Emperor.Frederick II of Prussia, however, used the dispute to invade Silesia in 1740 to enhance Prussian power and prestige.

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Opponents: v Year: 1745 Battle type: Land Introduction The War of the Austrian Succession had its roots in the ancient Salic law that said no woman could inherit the Holy Roman Empire.Now, how will Frederick face the fast approaching Allied forces?Faced with such odds, will the Prussians regain their reputation as an invincible army?The British defeat encouraged the French to stir up rebellion in Scotland, leading directly to the landing of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rising of "the '45".

Opponents: v Year: 1759 Battle type: Sea Introduction As so often in 18th Century warfare, French plans to invade England during the Seven Years War were reliant on ships from the naval base at Toulon joining ships from Brest.Historically, the French fleet separated and Boscawen’s fourteen ships defeated seven French ships.