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04-Aug-2017 17:38

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Generally speaking, people who are not white will have a harder time even initiating conversations on dating apps.

In studying the messages sent and responded to, it is clear that race plays a huge factor in dating app success.

White lesbian women respond to Ok Cupid messages from other white women 49% of the time but respond to messages from women of color 47.6% of the time (excluding response rate to Indian women due to small sample).

White lesbian women respond to women of color 2.4% less often than to white women, but white gay men respond to men of color 6.7% less often than to white men.

These data illustrate that one’s race/ethnicity affects one’s romantic and sexual value in queer communities. Ok Cupid’s data sheds light on casual racism in queer online dating communities, but overt racism is also prevalent.

Blogs like “Douchebags of Grindr,” though insensitively titled, point out overtly racist headlines gay men post on their Grindr profiles such as “no blacks” or “white only.” Often, white men attempt to minimize the social harm of their overt racism by claiming their comments are merely “preferences.” But these so-called preferences cause significant harm.

In fact, dating apps are actually cold reminders about how racism is still prevalent in modern society.

For example, studies have shown that black women receive the fewest messages and also receive the fewest responses for messages sent out to men.

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[NOTE: It is unclear whether Ok Trends included bisexual men when calculating response rates.This list explores the many reasons for why dating apps are harder to use as a person of color.