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At the simplest level, it's just a man warning his Chinese girlfriend to watch out, 'I'll ruin everything you are.' But knowing the Chinese, she's probably one step ahead of him. It is an abusive relationship in some ways, and that's where the conflict and the tension in the message comes from. that's what I found when trying to understand this song. "And when I get excited..." in this third part his emotional equalibrium is restored.

And I can't think where Americans pushed their way into somewhere in China threatening to give them televisions, or blue eyes, or dictators (like they don't have enough of their own.) I'm sorry. And if American culture is so awful, then why is it adopted by people all over the world? A song about someone's drug problem and also about American influence in Asia? he seems to be psychotic and have great anxiety and he uses "china girl" to calm himself. I think the part about the swastikas and the whites of his eyes and etc., is the sort of manic, anxious state he gets into, and for which he needs an anti-psychotic drug.

Finding out more about the idea I wrote about below, I did find out that Iggy Pop and David Bowie moved to Berlin around the same time to wean themselves of their drug addictions (don't know how it would help but that's what WP says). Don't state facts if you don't know what you're talking about.

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Truth of the song was that it was written about China white heroin?I think it has two meanings and can be interpreted either way that is the beauty of it. It's a love song, a western man full of western values falls in love for a chinese girl, get's addicted to her, misses her when she's not around, loves her wildness, is scared of succumbing to her totally........references to Nazism, power, and domination are his attempts to warn her to stay away even though he wants her he doesn't want her corrupted....

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