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It adds a new dimension of tonal warmth and improved intonation to the Buffet instrument from which it is derived.The instrument features a compensating G/D vent which has many benefits, including raising the pitch of the 3rd register; a major shortcoming of the R13 design.

All the key work, which is plated in Nickel Silver, is in very good condition, with no wear to the touchpieces, only very slight marks natural to normal use. The case is a brand new "Bags" with over the shoulder carry strap.The German Silver plated key work is in good condition throughout, and exhibits a nice shine. The m'piece is a Selmer HS** which is an open lay, again it is in very good condition.The instrument has recently had an overhaul, on 12th July, and the invoice for this is included in the sale. The case, is used, but latches securely, is in good condition and has an interior music pouch.There are no cracks or repairs to the wood, just minor surface scratches and marks. This is a brand new Luis Rossi American model clarinet: With a 14.7mm polycylindrical bore this clarinet is based on the Buffet R13, though acoustically it is vastly superior.

This model is Luis Rossi's best selling clarinet worldwide.

The pads are used, but still serviceable, again, any that needed changing were replaced in our workshop. These are entry level professional model Noblets, with a covered hole mechanism, i.e. The instruments have had one careful elderly owner, who bought them from new to help with fingering health issues.